Packaged Beer

Peruse the bottle wall, which features American year round, seasonal and special release large format bottles as well as global imports including belgians, sours, lambics, german styles, and more. Or step into the freezer - Our 18 cold doors are filled with a rotating single selection for mix packs, 6-packs and bombers organized by locale and easy to navigate starting with seasonal > nc beers > east coast > west coast breweries. You can find our favorite ciders and gluten free beers available cold too.



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Draft beer take out! We have 8 taps rolling on our counter-pressure filling growler station. Our draft menu changes on a daily basis so stay up to date through our website (hyperlink to growler list), facebook, twitter, and instagram. Our focus is primarily on North Carolina breweries, special releases and beers not available in package. We will only fill clean, glass 32oz and 64oz growlers. For information on maintaining a happy freshy clean growler, read our recommendations here (hyperlink to how to clean growlers).



 We feature a carefully picked selection of fun and fine wine from many of the great appellations of planet earth. We buy with our customers in mind! Over the year we have gotten to know what you enjoy and continue to grow our selection based on your interests. From value Spanish/South American wines starting at $5.99, to New World ranging from $7.99 and up we have something for every one and every occasion. Follow our staff favorites here (insert link to Wine of the Month page in the future)